"GoodWorks" is #India's leading Trust for
welfare of the deprived people.

We aim to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and help them to avail education as a tool to get empowered. It is therefore , we are seeking support from our fellow humans to step out and help us to grow our resources and hands to serve the needful.

Lifting from Slums

"We rise by lifting others"

We work towards arousing civic consciousness and social uplift of the nearby slum dwellers.

Free Child Education

"Education gives us dignity"

Education imparts these children a path to be followed and reach out to better career opportunities.

Women Empowerment

"Better to be strong than pretty"

An empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.

Free Medical Dispensary

" Being healthy is being rich "

Good health is not something we can buy, however, it costs money to get cured.

Donate to help them
live a better life.

Help a child discover the joy of learning & join us in our efforts to put each child in school.

Even a small contribution can make a huge difference.


Volunteers Speak

Shivank Joshi

(Advisory Technology Consultant Washington, DC)

Time Donor - EastSons' GoodWorks Trust

He is a young, multitalented and enthusiastic personality. No job could give him the satisfaction which he gets from helping others. He is very good at playing Guitar and very keenly teaches children the same. The children enjoys his company very much.

Camille Leon

(Match Maker , Washington DC)

Time Donor - EastSons' GoodWorks Trust

She is from Washington, Columbia. As is right said – “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. EastSons GoodWorks is extremely thankful to her for having a soft corner for these underprivileged children and paying a kind visits to them.

Hema Biswa

(Water Mark Production)

Team Member - EastSons' GoodWorks Trust

She is an actor by profession. She is extremely good at heart who enjoys bringing smile on other’s face. Inspite of being actively involved in her professional life all the time, she anyhow manages to keep her passion of serving the society ignited.

Bhavna Mahajan

(Movement Therapy Practitioner)

Team Member - EastSons' GoodWorks Trust

She is a movement therapy practitioner and an excellent consultant who has a lot to learn from. She has been associated with EastSons as a team member since one year. Her creative initiatives always arouses interest towards education in the slum children.

Nakhro Sekho

(Student - Amity University)

Volunteer - Eastsons' GoodWorks

He is a student of Masters in International Relations. He is a young, soft spoken guy with a zeal to serve the underprivileged. Inspite of the language barrier, he succeeded in establishing a good rapport with the children.

Mezhiivino Nagi

(Student - Amity University)

Volunteer - Eastsons' GoodWorks

She is pursuing Masters in International Relations. She is an ever smiling, highly enthusiastic person who loved to be surrounded by children without getting annoyed.

Actions Speak Louder than Words!

Let's do some GoodWork!