Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

We aim to reach out to the underprivileged sector of the society and help them to seek education as a tool to get empowered. It is therefore, we are seeking help from our fellow humans to step out and help us to grow our resources and hands to help these needful people.

Mezhiivino Nagi


Nakhro Sekho


Tanmay Kavathekar

Working (Delhi)

Sumit Mondal


Jahanvi Bhatt

(Student, Noida)


(Student, Noida)

Ankit Sinha

(Student, Delhi)

Neelmani Pandey

(IT Professional, Delhi)

Deepak Kumar


Shilpa Joshi


Akshat Singhal

(IT Professional, Pune)

Saroj Mishra

(School Teacher,Noida)

Ahmad Hussain

(Student, Afghanistan)

Devisha Gulati


Neha Gupta


Richa Verma

(Business Woman, Noida)

Pragya Pradhan

(Student, Sikkim)

Siddharth Rai


Arpita Sarkar


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