It was a first time experience for me and it was totally life changing. Spending 3 months with the kids made me realise how much we guys are actually missing on to. These kids have been a driving force in my 3 months journey. I think these kind of volunteering experiences should be taken up by everyone once in a while so as to have a different perspective life. Kudos to Smriti and her team for doing such a wonderful and a tough job.

Devisha Gulati
(Student, Australia)

The day I entered the “EastSons GoodWorks” ,the positive ambience over there gave me immense peace ,as I realized I am going to work with those who are working for the welfare, development and empowerment of the deprived sections of the society. Most importantly, the smile on the faces of little ones made me feel delighted and satisfied which opened my way of self consciousness and peaceful mind. In the wink of an eye, feeling of self belongingness aroused in me and I got involved as a member of the EastSons GoodWorks’ highly devoted team. I realised within a short span that,although we, as a team are working hard for better transformation of the children, women and everyone else who is struggling to earn two times meal per day, yet, whatever we are contributing isn’t sufficient. For that, all of us will have to join hands to make them not only stand on their own legs but also become examples in their community. At the end of the day, none of us will deny the fact that, inner satisfaction comes from serving the deprived by putting a smile on their face.

Mohit Kumar
(Student, Ghaziabad)

EastSons GoodWorks is a wonderful NGO looking after the education of underprivileged and street children. The main driving force behind the endeavor is Ms. Smriti Mishra, a dedicated and empathetic person. Helping her in her mission is Ms. Rizwana Nizami. They have convinced parents to send their children to attend the classes run by them. The age group varies from two years to about fourteen. The parents work the whole day leaving their children behind without supervision, therefore it becomes necessary that the children who are too small, are not attending school come and spend their time constructively and in a safe environment. During the time that I spent with the children I saw the physical and emotional changes happening in their lives. Each child showed different abilities. Some were good in Maths, some in drawing, some in song and dance, they just needed appreciation and encouragement. The children under guidance gained confidence. They learned the importance of cleanliness, awareness of what is happening in their environment. The children who had not started the basic level of schooling were taught the alphabets and numbers. It was wonderful to see the happy smiling and enthusiastic faces of the children every day.
My good wishes and every success to Smriti and her team!

Richa Verma
(Business Woman, Noida)

Education is not just a fundamental right, rather a natural human need to empower us towards awareness. Having stated that, there is a difference between gaining the knowledge and gaining the courage to set up an ngo that works towards the general purpose of better living standards. Supporting, educating and holding the need of so many has been one of the most soulful purposes they have accomplished in the minimal resources available. Kudos to Smriti and her team for engulfing so many in her purpose to spread education to the unseen spaces of the society. Opting to quit her corporate career, she dedicated her time to struggle and convince parents to enroll children to schools, simultaneously helping the parents empower through employment sources. As a part of the journey that I took along for a few steps, I was offered wonderful and creative work space wherein I could work with independence and introduce new creative initiatives towards approaching the same goals in a more effective manner. The ngo feels supportive to not just its own purpose but also the purpose of its volunteers. Wishing everyone and expanding luck.

Bhavna Mahajan
(Creative movement therapy practitioner Healer, therapeutic yoga, life coach)

I feel really proud to be part of it.  Not only because it is noble work that I am volunteering in but for being part of an association which has a pure and soft heart. More than what I must have contributed to this association; it has actually added up values in my life and have confront face of the world that I live in. I consider myself to be fortunate enough to get this opportunity to be part of EastSons GoodWork’s family, where I learnt a lot about Life and Happiness. Little kids there taught me on how this world is still beautiful, and how life is worthy enough with whatever and how much ever we have. They actually inspire and motivate me all time. I have heart full of gratitude for EastSons Good work,  for them bringing this up and continuing it standing strong with all ups and downs. I am glad that I am and I could be a drop in their ocean of GoodWorks.

Hema Biswa

Miss you GoodWorks
It has been long time since I have been there physically, but my heart stays there. The innocent faces of kids are always fresh in my eyes. Their smile, their voice, their attitude, their improved version from zero to hero, all are well captured in my mindset. For me personally, @EastSons GoodWorks is such a place, where one gets energized even after getting exhausted while dealing with no less than notorious kids. It’s such a place, getting associated with which makes you feel proud of. It’s such a place, where you get satisfaction which is hard to find anywhere and is desperately looked for, by everyone.  The selfless efforts of the whole GoodWorks team are really commendable. What differentiates them from others is actually putting the concern for deprived into action rather than simply talking and doing nothing. Keep up the good work towards bringing change in the lives of these slum dwellers and keep us inspiring.

Neha Tripathi
EastSons' GoodWorks
(Content Writer, Noida)

A wonderful time!!!
I feel so fortunate that I got a chance to serve the society through EastSons GoodWorks.The enthusiasm of the kids, Smriti ma’am and all other volunteers is what kept me going and made each day a learning experience for me. My dream for children is not only food, clothing & shelter but also proper education, guidance & love from all. Smriti is just doing that.

Shilpa Joshi
EastSons' GoodWorks
(Student) Pune

EastSons Good work is doing a great job with slum dweller kids of Sec 10 Noida! We celebrated our kids 7th birthday with East Sons. The way these poor kids are nourished to inculcate the moral of life impressed us a lot!! It’s a great initiative to reach to the section of the society who really needs our support to come up on their lives. Education, sports, art and crafts, music – kids are been groomed in all walks of life. East Sons is growing and it needs our support further, let’s lend our hands to it’s founders to support in whatever way we can in this Noble Venture.

Aditi Banerjee
EastSons' GoodWorks

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