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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1517567823880][vc_column_text]Zero/Thirteen/Thirty, these are not merely numbers but these are these many lives which were lying somewhere under the carpet unaware of purpose of living. Can you even imagine, how it would feel like being the medium to transform these many lives! To be honest,on my part, I can’t . I haven’t experienced anything more than the feeling of satisfaction after feeding a hungry person a few times. Actually, what & why I am talking about will be clear to you very soon. Today, I wanna share my unforgettable  experience. Why unforgettable? Just because, it touched my heart. Really, believe me, you are also not gonna be untouched after reading me.

Well, I am talking about the young , enthusiastic & soft hearted team members of EASTSONS’ GOODWORKS, each one of them, who has the strong desire to serve the needy in every possible ways. After pursuing higher education, they preferred to do something for the society.They decided to start with taking the responsibility of guiding the future of our nation, little children. Starting with a few, soon many underprivileged children joined them.Not only they learned reading & writing but also the basic etiquettes of a good human being. Learning these things is ofcourse a big deal for these children,earlier who just used to wander here & there. Starting from convincing their parents to arouse interest in them towards education was really  challenging. But as the time passed,they somehow managed, rather are still managing. It is their earnest desire to give these kids a way to get a direction in their life,to make them be able enough  to earn the basic necessities of life and all of us won’t deny the fact that these can be earned only by education.

Keeping this thing in mind, they got many children admitted in Primary Schools as per Govt’s Free Education Scheme. And the way it sounds simple, do you think it really was? No way. Convincing the nearby Govt School Principal was really a more than difficult job for them.So far, getting  these 30 children admitted could become possible only because of their  continuous persuasion. Now,these kids have started going to their School, are thoroughly enjoying their new books, note books, colours etc., are relishing the free meal and most important of all are very excited to study, to learn and to explore this beautiful World, which they never knew, ever existed.

Really, thank you very much for inspiring us by not merely having a soft corner for the deprived sections of the society but also putting your thoughts into action.

Wish you good luck for your endeavour.
Neha Tripathi

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