Creativity Doesn’t Necessarily Demand Prosperity

Everyone knows, creativity is a characteristic that allows a person to think out of the box. It is an act of transforming new and imaginative ideas into reality. No one would deny the fact that it’s definitely more rewarding to come up with something by yourself, even if it lies far beyond the boundary of perfection. We are sure you won’t disagree that Lack of abundance i.e. scarcity promotes creativity. When we don’t have any readymade solution to a problem, we don’t hesitate in trying on our own.

Kids at our Center are very creative. These kids are not nurtured the way other kids are. EastSons’ GoodWorks does whatever it can, for these kids and other men and women of the nearby slum area. But this help is restricted to a maximum possible extent.

Recently, a kid named Tamanna, a fashionista by heart, who doesn’t only look beautiful but also has an awesome handwriting, introduced herself to us with one more attribute of her and that is “ her fantabulous creativity“. Not only Tamanna, but many others as well, like Simmi, Poornima, Neha, Reshma, Priyanshu etc. unexpectedly proved out to be multi talented exhibiting their creative sides.

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