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Awareness Session On Personal Hygiene And Cleanliness

“Every human is a volunteer, it just requires a deeper understanding of how we validate our thoughts to believe that we are one is what makes the difference!” These words firmly twirl in my thoughts every now and then especially when I am trying to craft a vision for my own self where I actually don’t have to fix things rather understand those things from the perspectives of those encircling my vision. On the occassion of International Yoga Day (21st June, 2019), I actually received a golden opportunity as a part of the iVolunteer family to craft my vision on a deeper level. In association with the East Sons Good Work Centre, New Delhi, iVolunteer organised a Yoga session and a awareness session on Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness on 21st June, 2019 which indeed provided a different lens to what ‘volunteering’ means to me as a person.
Acting as a facilitator for the first time in my life was definitely a wholesome experience. Engaging with kids and performing activities especially grabbing the tiny bits of their attention span was remarkably difficult yet fruitful enough to make me analyse the basic essence of my art of articulation.
On a very humble note, we are often more centric about what we as humans feel and plan to deliver but experiences as such sometimes can actually make us feel how governing it is to understand what ‘others plan to recieve’ , I am definitely no exception.
Just dropping down that so called worldly baggage of comparisons and scales of our gratifications can make us realize how beautiful it is to voluntarily deliver sheer acceptance in the smallest bits of our work possible. “The Volunteer is within you just believe that you are one and you can do wonders!”

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