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Home Events Chehkti Mehakti Duniya ( Nest Making Competition )

Chehkti Mehakti Duniya ( Nest Making Competition )

An interactive workshop on Bird-nest making was conducted by the “Sparrow man of India” Rakesh Khatri sir at our centre. EastSons’ GoodWorks kids were taught how to build nests for sparrows. The nests are made of eco-friendly materials like coconut fibre, jute thread, bamboo sticks etc. “So far, these nests have attracted quite a number of birds seeking nesting spaces,” says Mr. Rakesh, who added, “It takes just 40 minutes to learn and make the nest, but this activity stays with children life-long.” While nest-making helps children understand how birds build their homes through hard-work, patience and sheer determination, it also introduces them to the wider concept of connection with nature, and of being sensitive to animals and birds around them. The wonderful nests that were made by our children are put up in different places around our centre.

Deforestation and urbanization often render birds homeless. As a solution for this, an environmentalist is teaching children to make artificial nests. EastSons’ GoodWorks will also be joining in his mission of making many more nests in the coming time to spread awareness about preserving sparrows and nature.

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