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I visited an NGO  EastSons’  GoodWorks Trust on 15th of August for an event organised by them. Basically, the NGO is helping to provide a better platform to underprivileged children by providing them free education. Generally in our country plenty number of NGOs are working in this field. As I explored and have seen that they are working on goodwill for slum areas children and some of them are doing in a better way.

Children whom I met today were very eager for their better future and were trying to become a known face of a new developed India & that is really appreciable. If we talk about our growth and development and go through all the sections, where these organisation are working, we would find that we are not scanting by our resources; So ostensibly we should take a step in this direction so that we can make a strong nation while making them strong. As we all know very well that education is the most important aspect for everything, From where we commence and I have analysed that the children of this NGO are doing very well. They gave wonderful performances on the Independence day. They themselves choreographed their dances and that was really outstanding and applaudable. All performed with a swagger attitude and with a blithe smile to do something better in an eclectic way. The energy was really a paradigm for those people who do the things having all the facilities, Personally, I am feeling very motivated after meeting them. Their drudgery and dedication is really inspiring for everyone. As we say “Bache bhagwan ka dusra roop hote hain” this is really veracity. All members working for these children are genuinely very caring and supportive in each term. They take care of each child and provide them the best possible facilities so that they can achieve what they want to become. Being a part of the event, I am feeling very honored and hallowed to meet all the members of the organisation and all children.

Aditi Baranwal

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