Lifting from Slums

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Slums of our Country have been described as “the filthiest in the World”. Insanitation, Congestion and Over- crowding are the main problems of  Slums. EastSons GoodWorks works towards arousing civic consciousness and social uplift of the nearby slum dwellers.

Open defecation, Poor hygiene and lack of safe drinking water are the root causes of several diseases. Water logging creates pools of contaminated standing water, which in turn becomes breeding grounds for mosquitoes that spread Malaria. Hence we  make them aware of the importance of Cleanliness, proper sanitation, hygienic habits. We make them realize the importance of Birth Control measures and the threat caused by Population Explosion.

We also work towards making them literate as we strongly believe that getting literate has become one’s necessity for survival and  Education plays very important role in one’s life. We always motivate them to pursue basic reading and writing skills. Although the complete transformation, which we are looking for, is a far fetched dream, yet, some changes have started appearing since our inception. People have become conscious and they have started sending their children to us, to Schools because they are realizing the fact that to join the mainstream they will have to get educated and they will have to learn the adverse effects, alcoholism and other drug addiction bring.

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Actions Speak Louder than Words!

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