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The environment in which these underprivileged children live, doesn’t teach them the importance of education. They have no clue, what education could fetch them. What do they only dream of is eating good , wearing stylish clothes, wandering on roads, flaunting highlighted hair with spikes. This is all they aspire to achieve, simply because this is only they get to see and hear.
Well, when they come to us on seeing other children, in the lure of stationery, toffees etc, after being convinced by us and might be because of several other reasons, don’t you think, coming to learn itself is the first step towards their development?
These children are of course different from other children not because they don’t have intelligence but because they haven’t got exposure, they started learning quite late and being introvert is quite obvious.
Expecting them to be civilized and well mannered all at once is not justifiable. Because of the lack of exposure their grasping power is weak hence they take longer time to learn anything, but they do.
So what, if they take more than required time to understand anything.
So what, if they forget anything taught very easily.
So what, if they make a lot of noise.
So what, if they are mischievous.
So what, if they fight with one another.
So what , if they are not aware of etiquette.
So what, if they are showing very slow progress.
Afterall, Slow progress is better than No Progress.