Bhavna Mahajan

Education is not just a fundamental right, rather a natural human need to empower us towards awareness. Having stated that, there is a difference between gaining the knowledge and gaining the courage to set up an ngo that works towards the general purpose of better living standards. Supporting, educating and holding the need of so many has been one of the most soulful purposes they have accomplished in the minimal resources available. Kudos to Smriti and her team for engulfing so many in her purpose to spread education to the unseen spaces of the society. Opting to quit her corporate career, she dedicated her time to struggle and convince parents to enroll children to schools, simultaneously helping the parents empower through employment sources. As a part of the journey that I took along for a few steps, I was offered wonderful and creative work space wherein I could work with independence and introduce new creative initiatives towards approaching the same goals in a more effective manner. The ngo feels supportive to not just its own purpose but also the purpose of its volunteers. Wishing everyone and expanding luck.

Actions Speak Louder than Words!

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