Neha Tripathi

Miss you GoodWorks
It has been long time since I have been there physically, but my heart stays there. The innocent faces of kids are always fresh in my eyes. Their smile, their voice, their attitude, their improved version from zero to hero, all are well captured in my mindset. For me personally, @EastSons GoodWorks is such a place, where one gets energized even after getting exhausted while dealing with no less than notorious kids. It’s such a place, getting associated with which makes you feel proud of. It’s such a place, where you get satisfaction which is hard to find anywhere and is desperately looked for, by everyone.  The selfless efforts of the whole GoodWorks team are really commendable. What differentiates them from others is actually putting the concern for deprived into action rather than simply talking and doing nothing. Keep up the good work towards bringing change in the lives of these slum dwellers and keep us inspiring.

Actions Speak Louder than Words!

Let's do some GoodWork!