Richa Verma

EastSons GoodWorks is a wonderful NGO looking after the education of underprivileged and street children. The main driving force behind the endeavor is Ms. Smriti Mishra, a dedicated and empathetic person. Helping her in her mission is Ms. Rizwana Nizami. They have convinced parents to send their children to attend the classes run by them. The age group varies from two years to about fourteen. The parents work the whole day leaving their children behind without supervision, therefore it becomes necessary that the children who are too small, are not attending school come and spend their time constructively and in a safe environment. During the time that I spent with the children I saw the physical and emotional changes happening in their lives. Each child showed different abilities. Some were good in Maths, some in drawing, some in song and dance, they just needed appreciation and encouragement. The children under guidance gained confidence. They learned the importance of cleanliness, awareness of what is happening in their environment. The children who had not started the basic level of schooling were taught the alphabets and numbers. It was wonderful to see the happy smiling and enthusiastic faces of the children every day.
My good wishes and every success to Smriti and her team!

Actions Speak Louder than Words!

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