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When a child is reluctant to study or other good habits, we as a guardian, have two choices, either we treat him with scolding and beating or with love. It’s not that the 1st treatment will not bring any change, it may, but that won’t be long lasting. On the other hand, if the child is treated with love, he’ll get convinced more easily and the change too will stay life long with him. 
Treating a child harsh, will undoubtedly worsen the situation. But, being a little strict won’t do any harm. The more you scold him, the more will be his deviation from studies. The more he is set free, the more will be his liking for studies.
If you really want to make positive changes in them, please try with love. Their hearts can be won only that way. It’s our love only that pulls the kids from Slums to the EastSons GoodWorks Center, where, they learn, what to learn and how to learn.
Although we are winning them, yet, there are numerous little hearts yet to be won and winning which necessarily requires your support. Please join our hands and help us keep going.