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Everyone loves to dream. Some dreams are seen by closed eyes and some are seen by eyes wide open. There lies a huge difference in both dreams. Those seen with eyes closed rarely come true but those seen with eyes open sometimes come out to be true only for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and follow them whole heartedly. Such a beautiful feeling it is, to be the reason behind someone’s dream come true. Let’s all hold our hands together and try to do whatever we can for these underprivileged children, who also, dream of living a beautiful life, but the biggest barrier they come across is the lack of awareness about the strength Education holds. The EastSons GoodWorks’ team spreads awareness on the importance of Education and teaches them basic reading writing skills and etiquette along with getting them admission in nearby Government Schools. Our effort alone is not sufficient to bring the change. It necessarily requires your support to nurture hopes and dreams of these children.

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