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[vc_row 0=””][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text 0=””]From writing with a pencil to tapping a phone, we all grew up.
From eating in our friends’ lunch boxes to waiting for weekends to have a meal with whole family together, we all grew up.
From fighting with our friends over every petty issue to looking for one another’s messages on special occasions, we all grew up.
From engraving our creativities on wall to searching for a pen at times, we all grew up.
From oiling our hair daily to rarely applying oil once or twice a month, we all grew up.
From storing our treasures in School Bags to keeping a few pieces of papers in our wallets, we all grew up.
From whole heartedly making Greeting Cards for our loving ones to sharing messages on e- platform, we all grew up.
From eagerly waiting for our Birthdays to hiding it from others, we all grew up.
From rising early in the morning for mugging up our lessons to late night reading, we all grew up.
From always being ready to fight in favour of everyone right to being a mute spectator even on witnessing anything unfair, we all grew up.
Time can snatch our childhood but not the child within us, so, let’s live our golden life again, by helping these children do the things which we miss doing now.

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