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Despite being the backbone of the Society, women, who are delivering multiple roles of a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a competent colleague and many other roles, have been an ignored fraction of the society. This in turn has caused them to bear the brunt of inequality, financial dependability, physical abuses, oppression and many other social evils. To restore their rightful and dignified status, we here at our EastSons GoodWorks center, nurture the inner strength and self esteem of the down trodden women of the slums by giving

them basic education, which is the best tool to make progress in one’s life. At the same time, we are imparting them special skills in order to make them financially independent and  able to stand up for any social injustice against them.

Running Programs

Skill Development / Employment

Skill Development is a life long process and is a very crucial part of one’s success in life. It improves one’s employability as it makes one more accessible to employers as compared to the...

Free Medical Dispensary

People residing in slums, face many problems like improper sanitation, unhygienic environmental conditions, social, economic, health, educational and cultural problems and many more. Almost everyone...

Free Child Education

Education is a basic human right and significant factor in the development of children, communities and countries. Education imparts these children a path to be followed and reach out to better...